May Championship – GT3



GT3 Class:
Audi R8 LMS
Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020
Ford GT GT3
Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO
Mclaren MP4_12C GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3
Porsche 922 GT3 R


iRacing GT3 Championship

Entry fee: 0 ISK

To join you need:

  1. iRacing Account and own a GT3 car and 3 tracks (Spa, Suzuka and Road Atlanta)
  2. Sign up for GT Academy League / 4302 in iRacingUI
  3. Fill out this Form (Here)
  4. READ RULES (Here)

    You can compete from home in your own equipment or rent a rig at GT Akademia, Iceland.
    At home in your equipment: 0n ISK
    Simulator in the GT Academy: 7000 ISK (2 hours)
    Price for members of the GT Academy: 3500 ISK (2 hours)
    NOTE that the price is valid for each race

    To drive in the GT Academy you need to book a seat by phone: 537-2400
    or send us a message on Facebook  GT Akademían

    At the end of the tournament, prizes will be awarded for 1-5 places.
    price money is awarded in iRacing credits.

    1st – 230$
    2nd – 190$
    3rd – 115$
    4th – 75$
    5th – 35$


Three Mondays May
2 May – 16 May – 30 May
Spa – Suzuka – Road Atlanta.

Server starts at: 19:30 GMT
30min Practice
20min Qualifying/ 6 laps
5-10min break/warmup
60min Race


Practise  servers are advertised on our Discord Server ->


Fixed Setup (medium_downforce)

Unlimited fast repair – 0sec repair if you get in the pits
Damage ON!

30% Petrol so competitors will have to go to the pit.

There will be three competitions but only points will be awarded for the two best competitions of each competitor.

Point system:
1. 20
2. 17
3. 15
4. 13
5. 11
6. 10
7. 9
8. 8
9. 7
10. 6
11. 5
12. 4
13. 3
14. 2
15. 1

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On our Discord channel there’s an active discussion about Practises, competitions, setups and various other things that apply to all simulated driving.



Skráðir keppendur

Keppnisgreinareglur fyrir GT3 Mótaröð
Competition Rules for GT3 Tournament Series

Competition rules for simulation racing with GT Akademia

Glossary of words can be found in the FIA ​​Rule Book which is available on the AKÍS website




1.1.1 These rules apply to all GT3 Series races at the GT Academy

1.1.2 Competitions are held in accordance with the International Sporting Code (ISC) of the FIA , the competition rules of this competition and the special rules of each competition .

1.1.3 In the event of a discrepancy between the competition rules and the FIA ​​Rules Book, the FIA ​​rules will apply .



2.1.1 Competitors only need to register for the tournament once.

2.1.2 The registered driver must drive his own iRacing account in a race.



3.1.1 Getting started with iRacing settings.

3.1.2 In the event that an iRacing server requires start-up from a stop, it will be started at a stop. 3.1.2.a Starting of a trip is carried out without an escort car from the track, unless special rules provide otherwise. 3.1.2.b When starting without an escort car, vehicles are intended to drive on their own to the circuit in the correct order according to the instructions of iRacing or the race director. 3.1.2.c If there is a need to rearrange, the race director will do so through iRacing audio channels if there is no need to restart the race .

3.1.3 It is obligatory to activate audio channels in iRacing so that the competition director can give instructions. 3.1.3.a In practice, a name call will be made to confirm the function of the soundtrack.

3.1.4 Chapter IV of Annex I to the FIA ​​Code of Conduct for Driving Behavior applies to drivers’ behavior while driving 3.1.4.a A driver defending his position in a straight section or in front of a braking area may use the entire lane at the first change of direction, provided that a significant part of the vehicle attempting to overtake it is not next to it. While the driver is suffering in this way, he must not leave the lane without justifiable reason. 3.1.4.b For the avoidance of doubt, the front end of a vehicle attempting to overtake the rear tire of the front vehicle is considered to be a significant component. 3.1.4.c Driver

who defends his position in a turn can keep the driving line if he is more than half the length of the car in the middle of the turn in front of the person trying to overtake.

3.1.5 If drivers intend to use the EXIT VEHICLE option in training or timekeeping, they must do so off- track or on a clear lane.

3.1.6 Starting exercise or other similar driving behavior is only permitted during exercise, and may only be performed on the longest straight section and from the driving line.

3.1.7 At the end of the ride, drivers must avoid collisions and drive into the pit as soon as possible. 3.1.7.a A welcome reel is allowed, but choose a place that is not in the middle of the track or could cause a collision.


3.2.1 Compete in the iRacing computer game.

3.2.2 Competitors must be a subscriber to iRacing and own the tracks and car used in the tournament series.

3.2.3 Competitors have the opportunity to compete with their own equipment or rent equipment from the GT Academy. 3.2.3.a Competitors competing with their own equipment may be located wherever it suits them. 3.2.3.b Competitors must use the handlebars as controls or similar equipment, the handlebars are not permitted.

3.2.4 Competitors must use iRacing access with the name under which they are registered for the competition

3.2.5 Competitors must be registered in the GT Academy League (League # 4302) in iRacing.


3.3.1 The iRacing program will for the most part take care of the technical competition management and allocate penalties for out-driving, jump-start, collisions, etc. which are considered valid factual judgments.


3.4.1 Incident points (judged by the iRacing program drivers ): 3.4.1.a Light contact with another driver x 0 3.4.1.b Wheels off the racing surface x1 3.4.1.c Loss of control x2 3.4.1.d Contact with other object x2 3.4.1.e Heavy contact with another driver x4

3.4.2 When the driver has received 15 incident points or more, he must stop in a ditch. 3.4.2.a For every extra 10 points after that there is another stop in the pit.

3.4.3 For speeding a vehicle into a pit area, iRacing will provide penalties

3.4.4 Drivers themselves must activate the pit limiter / speed limiter (they think so) before driving into the service area.

3.4.5 In the event of a race situation where all drivers lose contact with the iRacing server, the race director may complete the race if ⅔ parts of it have already been driven. Otherwise, the race should be restarted with 15 minutes left on the clock.

3.4.6 The strictest rules and penalties of the game apply in competition and penalties are applied within the game if the driver commits a crime (shortens the route, drives off the road, drives too fast into the service area, etc.).

3.4.7 Damage to cars is maintained at the most actual setting.

3.4.8 In the event of a major collision at the start of the race , the race director has the option to call out a safety car to slow down the race until the drivers affected by the incident have repaired the damage to the car and are at the back of the line.

3.4.9 If a safety car is sent out, those drivers who have had an accident will be allowed to go to the back of the queue after a safety car in the order in which they come out of the pit. 3.4.9.a When drivers come out of the pit under these circumstances, they are allowed to get out of the safety car in order to reach their position in the back row. So-called “WAVEBY” is used. 3.4.9.b Drivers should pay close attention to the orders given by iRacing while driving a safety car .

ARTICLE 3.5 Sampling Sampling
3.5.1 No Sampling Sampling



3.6.1 Competitors have only 6 full laps to gain time.

3.6.2 The qualifying starts with 30 minutes of practice while the competitors enter the competition server.

3.6.3 The time trial itself opens for 20 minutes and all drivers are together on the track during it.

3.6.4 A driver on a call must give way to traffic. 3.6.4.a It is not permitted to delay a car in a fast lane and the driver must deviate from the driving line to allow a car in a fast lane to overtake. 


3.7.1 At the end of the time trial for the coil, a 10min break / warm-up begins and then the competition starts immediately after that.

3.7.2 One 60-minute race and a series of time trials.

3.7.3 In races, race cars have 30% fuel. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that fuel is sufficient throughout the race and / or to refuel a car during a service break. 


ARTICLE 3.8 Channel line

3.8.1 competitors must register on Ráslína / grid before 2 minutes have elapsed from the so-called Rás Tíma / Grid Time (hurry up and press the grid button)

The 3.8.2 race will start when the race time expires or all competitors have reached the race line.



6.1 The competitor who has received the most points in total from the top 6 places of each competitor in competitions for the Icelandic Champion is considered the Icelandic Champion.

6.2 Points to the Icelandic Champions are awarded for a place in the finals according to the following table: 1st place : 20 points 2nd place : 17 points 3rd place : 15 points 4th place : 13 points 5th place : 11 points 6th place : 10 points 7th place : 9 points 8th place : 8 points 9th place : 7 points 10th place : 6 points 11th place: 5 points 12th place: 4 points 13th place: 3 points 14th place: 2 points 15. place: 1 point


6.3 In addition, one point is awarded for the fastest lap from the time trial or round of each competition .

6.4 If two or more have the same number of points in the top spot at the end of the competition period, the person who has won competitions more often during the period shall be considered the Icelandic Champion. 6.4.a If the position is still equal, count the number of “2nd place” and so on.



7.1.1 All drivers drive GT3 cars with settings assigned by iRacing (medium_downforce_endurance)



Faxafen 10 | 107 Reykjavík | Sími 537 2400