Digital Motorsport – Multiclass Masters
5.February 2023

WinnerJacob Behrens from Norway


#RIG23 Multiclass Masters - Hermiakstur

How to signup / what you need:

  1. Fill out this form to Register (CLOSED)
  2. iRacing Account,  LMP2 and Nurburgring GP
  3. Join the League in iRacing #6374
  4. Read the rules! (Here)

Skráning / þú þarft:

  1. Skrá þig  (LOKIÐ)
  2. iRacing aðgang, LMP2 og Nurburgring GP
  3. Skrá þig í deildina í iRacing #6374
  4. Lesa Reglur! (Hér)
Race format - Timetable

February the 5th
(GMT) Timezone –
Subject to change until February 3rd.

Two practise servers will run at the same time so you can practise in both cars.
Driver Briefing starts at 15:40 and is mandatory.

Race Control will split you into 2 groups according to the rules and post the results to the Notice Board on our Discord

Server 1 – Practise 1 –  14:00-15:40 (GMT), you are free to choose either the Mazda or the LMP2

Server 2 – Practise 2 – start at 14:00-15:40, you are free to choose either the Mazda or the LMP2

Driver meeting starts at 15:40 on our Discord, be there.

Server 3 – Race 1 – 16:00
Check what Group/Car you are in (Notice Board) and make sure you join with the right car according to your group.
15 minute qualifying starts at: 16:20
Race starts at 16:40

10 minute pause – Water yourself !

Server 4 – Race 2 – 17:20
Make sure you choose the right car!
15 minute qualifying starts at: 17:45
Race 2 starts at 18:00

The Race - Desciption
At RIG 2023, Kvartmiluklúbburinn and GT Akademían will host a Multiclass championship where two classes of cars are competing on the track simultaneously. The classes are Mazda MX5 sports car and the LMP2. The unique aspect of this competition is that all participants will have to drive each class of cars. Half the grid will start in a LMP2 car and the other will drive the Mazda. After a 45 minute race, the drivers will change cars, with the Mazda drivers going into LMP2 and the previous LMP2 drivers will hop into the Mazda. 


Driving in a multi-class race is extremely difficult and places a whole new dimension to a race. Having drivers take on both classes in a single tournament will test them to the limit. Being able to tackle both types of racing conditions in a single tournament and win is an achievement worthy of a “RIG23 Motorsport Multiclass Masters Champion” title. 


This format is dependent on the number of participants.
The minimum number of participants is 12  (6 MX5 drivers and 6 LMP2 drivers). Should there be fewer drivers we will have a clause permitting race control to change the format and only race the LMP2


The objective is to create a unique competition challenge which is fun and exciting both for the viewer and the driver. An audience is viewing two races taking place simultaneously. Seeing from the viewpoint and perspective of a driver, the viewing audience will gain a clearer insight into the unique challenges the drivers face in a multiclass race. 


The Tournament Format


  • The simulator used is “iRacing”.

  • All sim settings will be set to max simulation with full damage. 

  • The iRacing sim will mostly take on the role of Stewards. Human Race Control from AKIS will also monitor the race, making sure everyone is adhering to proper racing protocols and etiquette. 

  • Track driven: Nurburgring GP, BES/WEC

  • This is a multiclass event where two classes of cars race on the same track at the same time. The two classes of cars permitted are:

    • Mazda MX5 Cup Car

    • Dallara P217 LMP2

  • All drivers must drive each class of cars during the tournament. The “CLASS” starting order is decided thus:

    • The driver roster is split in a staggered alphabetical order of the drivers first names.

  • There are two 45 minute heats driven that award points for results. Each heat is preceded by a 15 minute open Qualifier. 

    • Heat 1 – The split containing the driver on top of the alphabetical order list drives the LMP2. The other split drives the Mazda MX5.

    • Heat 2 – The splits swap cars, with the Mazda MX5 drivers now getting into the LMP2, and the others selecting the Mazda MX5. 

  • Fast repair is unlimited.

  • Setups (tuning): Open setups (drivers are free to adjust the handling of the car)

  • Incident limit: 20 incident points incur a drive through penalty. Additional 8 incidents incur another drive through penalty after that. 

  • Points are scored for results in each Heat:

    • 1st place – 25pts 

    • 2nd. place – 18pts

    • 3rd. place – 15pts 

    • 4th. place – 12pts 

    • 5th. place – 10pts 

    • 6th. place – 8pts 

    • 7th. place – 6pts 

    • 8th. place – 4pts 

    • 9th. place – 2pts 

    • 10th. place – 1pt

  • Extra points added for:

    • 1 point each. Fastest lap time during race for each class in each heat. 

    • 1 point. Cleanest Driver overall. The driver with the fewest incident points through both Heats. (in case of a tie; all tied drivers get 1 point)

  • The winner of the tournament and RIG23 Multiclass Master is the driver who has accumulated the most points through the tournament. 


Bein Útsending á Stöð 2 Sports !
Live on Stöð 2 Sports, Local TV station in Iceland.
5 feb, 16:00-19:00

Streymi fyrir RIG23 verður á 
5 Evrur fyrir alla viðburði RIG23

Stream on – 5 euro for all events !

Race from home

Hægt er að keppa að heiman í eigin búnaði eða hjá okkur.
Til að keyra í GT Akademíuni þarf að bóka sæti í síma: 537-2400, email: eða senda okkur skilaboð á Facebook  GT Akademían
þú þarft að eiga iRacing aðgang.

You can drive from home in your equipment or come to us at GT Akademían if you live in Iceland.
Bookings at 537-2400,  or send us a message on facebook chat here on the page or a email to, You’ll need your own iRacing account.

Track: Nurburgring GP – BES/WEC
LMP2 Class: Dallara P217
MX-5 Class: Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

Two 45 minute races, each driver drives each class.


Live stewards

Drivers Meeting on our Discord, dont miss it.


Drivers Meeting

Keppendafundur er haldin hér á sértilgerði rás.

The driver meeting will be held at this Discord server.



ReglurRules – TOP

Rules for Reykjavík International Games 2023

Supplementary Rules for

Reykjavik International Games 2023
#RIG23 MultiClass Masters


1.1 The name of the event is Reykjavík International Games Multiclass Masters 2023.

HermiKappakstur – SimRacing

1.2 The race is a digital motorsports event as defined in the Icelandic Motorsports Association (AKIS) competition code for eSports.

1.3 The race is held in accordance with the FIA International Sporting Code including its amendments, the AKIS rules for digital motorsports, and these Supplementary Regulations. 

1.4 The Event will take place on the 5th of February 2023 @ 15:00 hrs. 

1.5 The Race will only be postponed in Force Majeure situations.

1.6 The Race will be canceled if less than 5 register for the race.
1.7 The race is a Multiclass Race with two classes as defined in Article 5.1.
1.8 If there are fewer than 12 registered drivers, Race Control may change the race format into a regular one Class Racing format with two heats. 


2.1 The Race Organiser is Kvartmíluklúbburinn (KK), PoBox 16, 222 Hafnarfirði.


3.1 Race Director  Hinrik Haraldsson. Deputy Race Director is Aron Óskarsson.

3.2 Chair of the Panel of Stewards is Ásta Andrésdóttir.



4.1.1 The track does not need a safety certificate.

4.1.2 The race takes place on the Nurburgring Grand-Prix Strecke (BES/WEC)

4.1.3 InSim date will be April 13. 2023.

4.1.3 Weather will be partly cloudy and temperature set to 65°f



5.1.1 The Dallara LMP2 and Mazda MX-5 classes of cars are permitted in this race.

5.1.2 Fixed Setup
5.1.2.a baseline setup for the Mazda
5.1.2.b sprint_fixed for the LMP2


5.2.1 All drivers must drive both classes of cars during the tournament. 

5.2.2 To determine which car drivers start on, the driver roster is split in a staggered alphabetical order of the drivers first names. (roster of A B C D E F will result in two rosters of A C E and B D F).

5.2.2.a Race Control may make changes if needed (for example; if there are “no-shows” creating  a numerical imbalance between the two classes on the starting grid.)

5.2.3 There are two 45 minute heats driven that award points for results. Each heat is preceded by a 15 minute open Qualifier. 

5.2.3.a Heat 1 – The split containing the driver on top of the alphabetical order list drives the LMP2. The other split drives the Mazda MX5.

5.2.3.b Heat 2 – The splits swap cars, with the Mazda MX5 drivers now getting into the LMP2, and the others selecting the Mazda MX5. 



6.1 Maximum number of participants is 30.

6.2 Registration takes place electronically through the website.

6.3 Registration starts when the electronic registration is available.

6.4 Registration closes February 3rd 2023 @ 22:00 hrs UTC.

6.5 The Race is open for International registrations.

6.5.a Minimum participation requirement is a “C class” safety rating from iRacing. Race control may diverge from this rule if they see reason to. 

6.6 There is no registration fee. Registration includes:

6.6.a Participation in the race;

6.6.b Race license from AKIS for this race for Icelandic competitors, acquired by signing up for the event on and by accepting to adhere to the FIA sporting code.
6.6.c License Verification Procedure for International Competitors via each relevant FIA ASN.


7.1 Drivers will see to their own injury insurance as they see fit and if they see reason to. 


8.1 Drivers shall consult these special rules in regards to required licenses for participation in motorsports competition such as this one. (no FIA license required).

8.1.a An electronic version of the licenses needed for this race is issued for valid registration, and drivers are not required to physically present them. 



9.1.1 All registered drivers will start the race. 

9.2.1 Incident points (iRacing):

9.2.1.a Light contact with another driver x 0 / 1

9.2.1.b Wheels off the racing surface x1

9.2.1.c Loss of control x2

9.2.1.d Contact with other object x2

9.2.1.e Heavy contact with another driver x4

9.2.2 20x incidents will result in a drive through penalty

9.4.2.a Next 8 incidents will result in a stop’n’go penalty



9.3.1 Following is the schedule for start in practice, quali and race events:

9.3.1.a Practice opens at 14:00.

9.3.1.b Mandatory drivers briefing starts at 15:40. Briefing takes place on a Discord Channel designated by the Race Director.
9.3.1.c  Open 15 min. qualifiers for race 1 start at 16:20

9.3.1.d Race 1 starts at: 16:40 from a “Rolling start” . Race duration is 45 minutes. 

9.3.1.e  Open 15 min. qualifiers for race 2 start at 17:40

9.3.1.f Race 2 starts at: 18:00 from a “Rolling start” . Race duration is 45 minutes. 


9.4.1 The Race Director may decide on the positioning of the drivers lineup, but in general the iRacing simulation will decide it based on driver performance. 

9.4.2 Positioning at the start of the race is decided by the driver’s performance, with the fastest driver starting on pole position. 

9.4.3 Drivers may start from the pit if they choose to do so, or if the situation calls for it (connection/equipment issues, and so on).


10.1 Drivers are required to attend the drivers briefing on the time announced and be present throughout.
10.1.a The drivers brief is held on the GT Akademian Discord Channel:

10.1.b If a driver is not present at the drivers briefing with no prior notification of the absence, the Race Director will notify the Panel of Stewards and they may Disqualify the Competitor of the absent driver.

10.2 Drivers shall know and respect the FLAGGING rules described in the FIA International Sporting Code Art. 2.5, addendum H

10.3 An electronic noticeboard will be set up and presented at the drivers briefing. All information relevant for the Drivers will appear there, referee decisions and other bits of info that may be needed to communicate to the drivers. 

10.4 Competitors are reminded of their right to file protests in accordance with FIA International Sporting Code Art. 13. 

10.5 Drivers must join either one or both practice servers, from there Race Control will collect your names and split you into two groups, group A starting in the LMP2 and group B starting in the Mazda MX-5. 


11.1 The Race results are decided in accordance with the AKIS rules on digital motorsports. 

11.1.a Full points are awarded for each heat. 

11.1.b one extra point is awarded for fastest lap.

11.1.c one extra point is awarded for fewest incident points (cleanest driver)

11.1.c.i in case of two or more drivers having fewest incident points, all get the extra point. 

11.2 Driver with the most accumulated points is declared the winner. 

11.2.a In case of a draw, the winner is decided by incident counts (fewer incidents is a win). If there still is a draw, the winner is decided by qualifying position. 

11.3 Tentative results are published on the electronic noticeboard as soon as the race directors have assembled them and provided them to the race referees. 

11.4 Final results are published when the Race referees have finished their tasks. 


12.1 Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. RIG23 Multiclass Masters Trophy will be shipped to the winner.



13.1.1 The Panel of Stewards consists of Ásta Andrésdóttir, who is also the Chairman, Andreas Boysen og Baldvin Hansson. 


13.2.1 Race Director is Hinrik Haraldsson.

13.2.2 No inspector is appointed for this race. 

13.2.3 Safety/security official is Aron Óskarsson.

13.2.4 No medics are appointed for this race specifically.

13.2.4.a Any tasks that might be required from the medical official are performed by the Safety/security official. 


13.3.1 Safety/security officials are responsible for the event not endangering participants or any others to a point where it is relevant in a race of this kind. 

13.3.2 The Safety/security official can stop the race or individual drivers if he sees reason to. 

13.3.3 In case of injuries the Safety/security official will document and describe the event, and ascertain possible cause. 


13.4.1 The Environmental Official ensures that good environmental practices are upheld and in accordance with the laws of the land. 


13.5.1 The names of the Judges of Facts will be published on the Notice Board. 

ReglurRules – TOP

Reglur fyrir Bikarmót Reykjavík International Games 2023

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